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Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating provides more brilliant, more resilient and longer lasting protection for your clearcoat, guaranteed. With a limited lifetime, transferrable warranty, OP Ceramic Coating can be applied to nearly every component of your vehicle.

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Owner’s Pride has a rich history in auto care. For over two decades and across two generations, Owner’s Pride has been at the forefront of protection technology for all types of vehicles. Founded by detailers who have worked for and within dealerships, body shops and direct-to-consumer auto care studios, OP has never stopped listening to our clients, which means we’ve never stopped innovating our products and services.

Warranty Detail
If you purchased  any of the available Owners pride Ceramics, then in order to keep your warranty in force, Owners pride Ceramics ® requires the coating be inspected and maintained once a year by a certified technician (like us). See below as to what is included and pricing.

  • Wheels and tires cleaned

  • Gentle foam hand wash w/ high Ph shampoo

  • Iron fallout decontamination

  • clay treatment (fine grade)

  • Rinse w/ water behavior inspection

  • Gentle hand and blow dry

  • Vehicle topped with a protective ceramic topper

  • Tires dressed

After Care Packages
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Note: All prices to follow do not include FL sales tax.

Owners pride Ceramics is designed to protect your factory clear coat, to provide a protective shield against the elements, and to keep your vehicle looking new always. To maximize the effects of Owners Pride Ceramics and to ensure your investment is long-lasting, a few basic maintenance steps should be taken. With simple care, your coating will reward you for years to come.

Maintenance Wash
A basic maintenance wash is a great way to keep your new ceramic coating free of harmful contaminants and water spots that can shorten the life of your coating. 
Whether you wash your vehicle yourself, or have us take care of it, we recommend washing your coated vehicle at bare minimum once a month, although bi-weekly is preferred. See below for what's included and pricing.

  • Wheels and tires cleaned

  • Gentle foam hand wash w/ Ph neutral shampoo

  • Gentle hand and blow dry

  • Tires dressed

  • Renew ceramic spray 

Pricing Starts at 

  • $75.00 

  • $100.00 for Large SUV and Trucks

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